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Freelance Writing Etc. started in 2006.

The "Etc." reflects others I partner with, in order to provide a value-added  service package for clients.

The idea of becoming a freelance writer was born out of a fascination with advertising and the  persuasive power of the written word.

Writing Background

As a sales and marketing rep:

  • business articles
  • business proposals 
  • marketing content 
  • marketing reports
  • sales letters

As a k-12 literacy teacher:

  • education articles
  • detailed diagnostic & remedial plans 
  • weekly clinical reports
  • parent letters 
  • creative writing

My diverse background  has given me the transferable skills and practical knowledge  needed to be an experienced and diverse freelance writer. 

Professional Writing Affiliations:



If you got this far and you're still interested:

When I'm not writing, you'll find me hanging out at the barn with my two thoroughbred mares, Silver and Sadie. Their unconditional love, and joy for life, keep me connected to a special place.









Pamela Beers,  freelance writer

picture by Inga Mucha

Others I partner with:


Dave Pronko, graphic designer

Steel Horse Studios


Inga Mucha, photographer

Inga Mucha Photography


Devon Vosburg, essay writer

Ultraprint Corporation


Laurie Seegler, custom writer

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Freelance Writing Etc.
Rochester, NY
United States

ph: 585.288.3647